best agronomic practices for oilseed production in vermont

Best Agronomic Practices for Oilseed Production in Vermont

While oilseed crops offer a new and potentially lucrative means of supporting agriculture in Vermont, regionally-appropriate best agronomic practices must be developed to ensure farmers are able to remain economically viable while protecting the environment. The primary beneficiaries of this project are 500 farmers in Vermont...

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professor researches the benefits of oilseed production

Professor Researches the Benefits of Oilseed Production

UVM Associate Professor Heather Darby, PhD, an agronomic and soils specialist, is researching the benefits and challenges of oilseed.Born and raised in Alburgh, Darby has been growing sunflowers on her family’s seventh-generation, 130-acre farm – The Darby Farm — for four years.

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farm agronomic practices program - vermont agency

Farm Agronomic Practices Program - Vermont Agency

The Farm Agronomic Practices (FAP) Program utilizes state funding to help Vermont farms implement soil-based agronomic practices that improve soil quality, increase crop production, and reduce erosion and agricultural waste discharges.

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oilseed crops | northwest crops and soils program

Oilseed Crops | Northwest Crops and Soils Program

Oil extracted from these crops may be used for on-farm fuel production or culinary uses; the leftover meal may be used as a high protein livestock feed or soil amendment to boost fertility. The goal of our program is to develop best practices for oilseed production under our growing conditions.

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improving oilseed production and harvesting practices

Improving oilseed production and harvesting practices

Our field production research will build on previous projects that have examined best agricultural practices for oilseed production in New England. A local farmer with oilseed production experience will establish on-farm demonstration/ research trials. The on-farm projects are based on critical needs determined by area oilseed growers.

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oilseeds- agronomic aspects

Oilseeds- Agronomic Aspects

Heather Darby of UVM Extension talks about growing oilseeds in Vermont. Specifically discussed are the challenges, yields and uses of sunflowers, canola and soybeans.

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funding for farm agronomic practices - vermont agency

Funding for Farm Agronomic Practices - Vermont Agency

The FAP program can provide funding for the following agronomic practices: cover cropping, conservation crop rotation with or without a nurse crop, conservation tillage, no-till pasture/hay land renovation, manure injection and rotational grazing.

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developing agronomic practices for flax production in the

Developing agronomic practices for flax production in the

On-farm production of oilseed crops is of growing interest to Northeast farmers. The number of oilseed growers in the region has increased from a handful to almost 75 producers in the last four years. Local farmers are pressing oil on farm and converting it to biofuel or selling it as high value culinary oil.

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