We can design and manufacture corn germ oil processing equipment for you. The capacity of corn germ oil processing plant varies from 30tpd to 5000tpd, which uses latest technology and corrison resistant materials.

Corn oil can be obtained from corn germs through pressing and solvent extraction method. But which method you choose, the pretreatment section can not skip over.

Corn germ oil

Generally, in large corn germ oil processing plant, the corn germ pretreatment section adopts the most advanced automatic control system to realize the whole working process stable and automatical. The major equipment in pretreatment section has vibrator, crusher, magnetic separator, softening pot, flaking machine and steaming wok.

Pretreatment equipment and presser in corn germ oil processing plant

Features of corn germ oil extraction process:

1. Softening of corn germ makes it easily to get thin and tough embryo. It is conductive to extraction, and brings convenience for further process of corn germ oil dephosphorylation and physical corn germ oil refinery.

2. Unique corn germ crushing process reduces final residual oil in corn germ meal effectively. Automatic crude corn germ oil pressing and filtering by screw oil presser has the superiority of no need of filter aids, and low oil content in filter cake.

Work flow of Corn Germ oil processing plant:

Corn Germ → Cleaning → Softening → Flaking →

Cooking → Pressing → Crude oil → Filtration → Filtered Oil

Prepressing Cake → Extraction

3. Corn germ pretreatment and corn germ oil pressing machine adopts durable and corrosion resistant design, which can withstand corrosion of sulfurous acid inside corn germ safely.

4. The corn germ oil of cooked embryo can be pressed out 50-70% from corn germ oil presser. The filtered crude corn germ oil has low impurities less than 0.2%, low moisture less than 0.2%.

You can get high quality corn germ oil, with low energy  consumption and high efficiency if you build an automatic corn germ oil processing plant like this. If you are interested, leave your message below.

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