To build a palm kernel oil processing plant becomes more and more popular in Africa. In 2018, Our Company has received many customers from Africa who came to buy the equipment used in palm kernel oil processing plant.

Palm kernel is an important kind of by-product from palm oil mill plant. About 47%~50% oil contains in the palm kernel. The palm kernel oil is quite different from palm oil in both characteristics and properties, more similar with coconut oil.

Generally speaking, palm kernel oil procesing plant has two methods that can be used to produce palm kernel oil. They are pressing method and solvent extraction method. They have something in common, that is palm kernel pretreatment section. Next, I will introduce one by one.

Palm kernel pretreatment section in palm kernel oil processing plant:

If your raw material is palm nut, you should to get clean palm kernel(without shells) by palm kernel shell separator. Our company designs small scale palm kernel shell separator, the effect of separating is very good, and has exported to Nigeria, Uganda, etc.

Palm kernel shell separator

When your raw materials are palm kernel, next the palm kernel pretreatment section is begianing. It contains palm kernel cleaning machine, palm kernel crushing machine, palm kernel softening machine, palm kernel flaking machine and palm kernel cooking machine. As the following picture shows.

Palm kernel pretreatment machines

Mechanical pressing section in palm kernel oil processing plant:

Palm kernel oil expeller machine uses physical extrusion method to squeeze the oil out from the palm kernels. Our Company can design different capacities palm kernel oil expeller machine for you according to your needs.


Palm kernel oil expeller machine

Solvent extraction section in palm kernel oil processing plant:

Because of the high oil content of palm kernel oil, we recommend to use pre-pressing and solvent ectraction method. After pretreatment, the palm kernels are sent into palm kernel oil pre-pressing machine firstly, to squeeze part of palm kernel oil out.

Equipment used in palm kernel oil solvent extraction plant

And then the palm kernel cakes are sent into palm kernel oil solvent extraction plant, using solvent extraction method to produce more palm kernel oil. Compared with mechanical pressing, the palm kernel oil yield of palm kernel oil solvent extraction plant is higher.

Clarification section in palm kernel oil processing plant:

After mechanical pressing or solvent extraction, the palm kernel oil definitely contains impuries, then requires clarification in a filter press.

Palm kernel oil filter machine

Palm kernel oil processing is increasing steadily over the years. If you are interested in building a palm kernel oil processing plant, weclome to contact us when you are free. And whatever method you want to use, our engineers can give you professional suggestions and feasibility project quotation.

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